Hi, my name is Dr. Jiwani!
I am a licensed registered naturopathic physician in British Columbia. Are you sick of feeling sick, fat or in pain? Over the years, my approach in practice is to educate my patients about how to optimize their health and prevent disease. I will empower you with knowledge, so you can make educated decisions, to take charge of your health. This means realizing that the ultimate way to affect the symptoms of the body is to treat the cause.

During our initial meeting, we will discuss your health concerns, medical history and treatment options, and I will discuss how I can facilitate your healing process, so that together we can journey towards your ideal health goals.
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Also, for detailed information about the FAT BUSTING INJECTION for Body Sculpting & Cellulite therapy, a time tested treatment taught to me by the actual pioneers from France & Brazil, click on Mesotherapy & Lipodissolve, or what I like to refer to as: FAT BUSTERS!

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